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Information Technology Services

LGB offers various services in the areas of network management and ensures that the highest possible network security for organizational information and data. LGB also provides helpdesk management and support, eLearning, training and education classroom courseware development and distance learning support services.

Administrative & Professional Services

LGB offers professional and administrative services. Our employees are experts in their fields who provide a level of professionalism and dedication to what they do. Our goal is to supply systems analysis and contract services, administrative support, marketing communications and event management.

Asset Collection Management Support Services

LGB offers database development services with real-time retrieval and management structured and unstructured data sets with comprehensive historical nomenclature and preservation techniques.

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Asset Collection Management Support Services

LGB Expertise in Asset Management Can Make All The Difference

LGB’s experienced professionals in asset management are a breed apart from the ordinary. Our staff of museum collections curator experts, management software programmers, nomenclature specialists, exhibits curators, marketing communications experts, and IT professionals blend a wealth of skill sets and expertise in modern asset management to ensure that our clients have the resources they need to do their work more productively and more cost-effectively.

LGB has been working in asset management for more than seven years. LGB created the highly successful comprehensive museum collections and asset management system used by the US Army for its more than 200 museum sites and more than 1,000,000 designated historical artifacts. Complete with full descriptions, photographs, asset valuation, location, tracking capability and all the forms required to manage a comprehensive museum collection and comply with Federal Army Materiel Command and Army Property Book requirements. LGB has also been instrumental in establishing full Federal Standards for historical property management.

We facilitate:

  • Real-time retrieval and management of structured and unstructured data sets
  • Comprehensive historical nomenclature and preservation techniques
  • Full resource online and web-enabled cataloging
  • Full digital and optical imaging
  • Real-time, on the fly indexing

LGB has grown its asset management skills from single PC databases to full client/server to comprehensive web-delivered, real-time asset management for widely distributed collections that must have full audit trail and current market value assessments. For more than five years, LGB has been expanding these skills to meet the needs of new asset management operations and helping other government and commercial museum and collections management organizations meet their rapidly changing requirements to effectively catalogue and track all assets. We do it all with an in-depth understanding of how technology solutions and innovative processes can impact the productivity, audience development, collection management and success management of overall asset operations.