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Information Technology Services

LGB offers various services in the areas of network management and ensures that the highest possible network security for organizational information and data. LGB also provides helpdesk management and support, eLearning, training and education classroom courseware development and distance learning support services.

Administrative & Professional Services

LGB offers professional and administrative services. Our employees are experts in their fields who provide a level of professionalism and dedication to what they do. Our goal is to supply systems analysis and contract services, administrative support, marketing communications and event management.

Asset Collection Management Support Services

LGB offers database development services with real-time retrieval and management structured and unstructured data sets with comprehensive historical nomenclature and preservation techniques.

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Information Technology Services

Network Support

LGB knows that no network stays up and viable without continuous network management, maintenance and repair support. That’s why LGB has been asked to provide nationwide network maintenance support services for some of the largest agencies of the Federal government. And it’s why LGB also provides high quality Help Desk Support.


Security is the key to ensuring that business, organizational information and data remain the property of those who need to work with the material. That’s why LGB provides full-service cyber/network security services for clients. LGB works closely with internal staff personnel to ensure that policies, processes, and network environments &emdash; even the physical environment &emdash; are fully protected from malicious individuals and organizations (both inside or outside) that would corrupt data and cause outages in network and data operations.

Training and Education

Using new technologies and new processes can be daunting without training and education. That’s why LGB provides clients with a full battery of Instructional Systems Design, distance learning, classroom education, and CBT capabilities to ensure that personnel remain productive and on focus.